Burger King using Barker's BBQ sauce on its two new burgers

A new BBQ sauce made in Geraldine is adding zing to burgers made by an international fast food chain.

Burger King has started using Barker's Brewer's BBQ Beer Sauce on two of its newly released burgers in New Zealand - the Brewer's Steakhouse and the Brewer's Tendercrisp. Barker's of Geraldine company director Michael Barker believed Burger King wanted to add something a bit different and exciting to their burgers.

Many food companies used Barker's products, but Burger King asked if it could incorporate the Barker's logo in its advert for the burgers, said Barker (pictured right).

Michael Barker and new BBQ sauces for Burger King "The fun thing here was these guys asked us if they could associate it with our brand and show our product on the TV commercial. They're setting out to try and add some personality to their burger."

He had noticed a few restaurants and cafes in South Canterbury were proud to be using Barker's products, and had started mentioning it on their menus.

Supplying products to food manufacturers, cafes and restaurants accounted for just under half of Barker's business, while selling products off supermarket shelves accounted for just over half, Barker said.

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Barker's is located in the picturesque South Canterbury town Geraldine.