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As part of the Government's Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative aimed at improving internet access speeds in New Zealand, Timaru city is now the fifth centre in New Zealand to have complete roll out of the Ultra Fast Broadband by communications company Chorus.  This means that 14,030 households, businesses, schools and medical centres are now able to access up to 1 Gigabit per second broadband services.

Average broadband speed for Timaru broadband users has increased from 15 Megabits per second (July 2015) to 27 Megabits per second (June 2016), an increase of 74%.  Monthly data usage has escalated from 37 Gigabytes (Jan 2015) to 84 Gigabytes (Jun 2016), an increase of 128%.  This places Timaru broadband users in the fourth fastest growth position for broadband consumption in New Zealand.  New Zealand now has the fourth fastest growth rate for fibre update in the OECD, faster than the USA, Australia and the UK.

At Chorus you can use the national broadband check tool to enter an address and it will advise what broadband is currently connected at that address, and what upgrade options are available.

Free Public WiFi

In a partnership between the Timaru District Council and Vetta Technologies, free public WiFi is available in the Timaru and Geraldine CBDs. This service is free to everyone, with a daily limit of 100MB per device. Larger data plans are available and if you are an existing VettaNET internet customer, you can use your regular internet usage – use your login with your internet username and password.

Central location 

Centrally located on the east coast of the South Island with an infrastructure backed up by a lifestyle second to none - where else would you want to live and do business?  

Well serviced by road, rail, sea, air and enviable digital connectivity - the Timaru District is nationally and internationally connected in a way many other areas can only hope for.  State Highway 1 dissects the district North to South and is only 1km from PrimePort Timaru- while the main trunk railway line is adjacent to Timaru's CBD and the port - all making for fast and efficient access to a variety of distribution networks.

Timaru District Map V2

Timaru District is home to a variety of market leading businesses which demonstrate a high level of forward thinking and "can do" attitudes. From technology to logistics to education the district has some of the best resources available in these industries that will be at the forefront of the quickly changing workforce in years to come.

Dr William Rolleston, director and co-owner of South Pacific Sera, and national President Federated Farmers.  

"People are often surprised to see a company that produces pharmaceuticals in a small town like Timaru.  But there are some very good reasons for us to be here."

Found out more about housing affordability in Timaru NZ.  The average house value for 2016 is  $324,950.